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If There Was A Dietary Law Then I'll Be The First To Take A Stand!!!!!!!

Sep. 16th, 2006 | 02:29 am

god I fucking loving having dinner with other vegans/vegetarians

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Midnight Owl

May. 18th, 2006 | 12:47 am

Winter of 06

He tells himself "I will make it the best there is". He walks down Drexel avenue with his body numb from the negative degree weather. The bus service closed 2 hours ago, his legs is all he got to get to the closest warmest place he belongs to. Thinking back of how she could've said that without a feeling in her heart. He felt it hard in his heart. The anger kept his inside raging. sweating under his thin hoodie.out of the pocket he pulls out his mobile cell phone , with the glowing light it reads 11:59pm

Blackness at first. Blurry at second. Focus on third. He sees a face looking down on him. a fist towards his face. Blackness returns. he tells himself "I will make it to the heaven ". a liquid feel out of his nose and mouth. blowing and spitting out the thick texture which pours through out his cheek and chin. hands on a face with the size of a basketball, no pain, just numbness. Laying there through out the night, the only pain he feels is in his heart and those words that kills him.

The awake inside of a busy building. ringing of phones, and moaning humans . No way he can make up where he is. until he heard the beep that rhymes his heart beat and a sudden warmness wraps on his right hand.

" I am so sorry, I take it back. "

The voice sounds so familiar, the voice that went on shuffle before his awake. The scent of passion fruit, it was the second recognition . 2 recognition that matches one human, one girl, one love.

Summer night of 05 with a body hunched over to a computer screen. a heart that kept growing bigger that connected to the other end of the internet , which lead to a girl connected to his interests, understanding, and sense of humor.

CuttingTension (11:59:41 PM): passion fruit!
BerryBlueskies (11:59:44 PM): pasision fruit !
BerryBlueskies (11:59:45 PM): passion*
CuttingTension (11:59:48 PM): wow lol
BerryBlueskies (11:59:51 PM): heh yeah.
CuttingTension (11:59:58PM): it's like..
BerryBlueskies (12:00:00 AM): we're meant to be

and so it goes.

written by Jimmy Angel Brandti

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